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Raghav is at the edge’s end where Vinay is trying to save his life. Meanwhile the Agent is trying his best to change the course of the future. Will they succeed? Read on to find in the next installment of Deflection Point.

A hysterical crowd gathered on the terrace. The broken pieces of the fencing had dented a parked car 5 stories below. A sigh of relief that there was no loss of human-life. Raghav had stretched his right hand and clung on to Vinay’s shirt pocket. That split second was enough for Vinay to grab hold of Raghav’s arm to pull him back. 

“How many times will you save me champ?” said Raghav.

“This is the last time, especially if the situation gets triggered due to intoxication.” Was Vinay’s curt reply.

“A subject’s decision is driven by multiple variations and tangents which emerge from his patterns, like his needs, emotions, thoughts etc.” said the Boss. 

“So whatever choice Raghav makes, he should be ready to face the related consequence.” Remarked Agent 72. There was a little pause and out came another question from the agent “What if we reset him to Branch B?” 

“That cannot happen without approval from higher authority. Every line in the flow diagram is linked, many life-plans are intertwined with each other. Any unplanned reset can lead to a ripple effect which can cause chaos in multiple lives, disastrous consequences.” Informed the Boss

“Well, this looks like a special case, isn’t there any provision for an exception, we are running short of time.” 

“Exceptions co-exist only with imperfection. Fortunately, it’s not applicable for us.” Boss and Agent exchanged differing looks.

5 days after the incident at roof-top restaurant. It was a hectic day, last minute formalities done, meeting with core team done, Raghav and Vinay decided to call it a day. “We have an important day tomorrow, nomination papers need to be filed, all set Mr. Sharma?” said Vinay

“We will win brother…. With you by my side I am sure of it.” Raghav replied

“Listen, just don’t do anything stupid, ok?” Vinay was concerned

Raghav placed an assuring hand on Vinay’s shoulder and said “This time, I will not fail you, have trust.”

“It takes just one right person to trigger a change. We have had so many examples in the past and Raghav is that ONE guy. Is it still necessary to abide by these laws in such critical situations, we should help the cause for a larger good?” 

The Boss smiled. He saw the agent’s hesitancy being replaced by curiosity. He took off his glasses and continued, “You are being driven by the consequence of ‘BRANCH B’. Every subject attracts a situation in his life-plan basis certain parameters.” 

“And”, retorted the agent “Who decides these parameters?” 

Boss took a deep breath and calmly replied “Well, he himself. These parameters are driven by his own actions or many roles he might have played in the past. Raghav has a tendency to retract every time. It’s a flawless system; one reaps what he sows.”

There was a deathly silence for a while, it was a small battle between experience and exuberance. 

“So, what do we do, why have I been summoned? As an agent on the field, should I just keep watching?”

The Boss got up from his chair and ambled across the room to witness the beautiful horizon visible from his office window. He explained, “Firstly, we cannot get attached with the subject in our line of work. We make alterations to ensure the subject does not deviate from the plan and when the time is right we create situations which can alter his path.” 

The agent got up from his seat showing signs of restlessness, “I don’t think; I can wait for the right time” he said as he moved out of the room. The Boss remained unmoved, his gaze was still at the horizon.

Raghav got a call “Bro, we got stuff”

“Awesome man, I will be there in 10. Get it ready.” Raghav’s inner addict took over. He rode his bike towards the hostel, all excited for the late night session of weed and gaming. He reached his friend’s room, jumped on his bed. For the next 4 hours, the whole room was filled with smoke of lit up joints and the screams of guys killing each other in the virtual world. Every time Raghav felt a decline in his stamina and focus; he would light one up. He never knew when he finally went to ground and slept. 

Next day, Vinay waited in the administrative office, he tried calling Raghav and tried reaching out to the hostel friends, but there was no sign of him. After waiting for sometime, Vinay decided to go to hostel himself. “I told him, not to do anything stupid”, he cursed under his breath. Just as he reached the hostel gates; he received a call.

Vinay stood transfixed to the ground, unable to move. It was the last straw! He stood there paralyzed, he had lost. Vinay had no courage left to rebalance himself when he heard the news on phone. He changed his direction and walked aimlessly away from Raghav’s hostel. He had given up.

Apparently, someone had brought coke to yesterday’s proceedings, and the whole party took a different turn. Observed as an overdose of substance; Raghav’s limp body lay still on the floor.

To be Continued …

– Darpan Jha

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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  1. I can somehow relate to “Raghav”, not in terms of substance abuse, but then there are addictions of other kind, and patterns that we keep repeating .. waiting for the next episode !!

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