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  • Darpan Jha
  • Sharang Misri
    Edit Expert
  • Dolphin Girdhar
    Innovation Incharge
  • Tushar Gupta
    Computer Wiz

‘A person is as good as his team.’ I have lived this phrase in the recent past. I feel blessed to be surrounded by beautiful souls who were more enthusiastic than I was, to materialize this project.

They are a perennial source of conviction and positivity for me. It was so wonderful to see a bunch of youngsters who came together, built a great connect and took it upon themselves to give it the best they could. At one stage they were able to visualize it much better than I ever could. That’s when I experienced the depths of what gratitude actually means.

So, it is absolutely fitting, for me to introduce them to you!!

  • Darpan Jha

    This is our first attempt to know each other. Every bond grows strong when it is sprinkled with authenticity and honesty.

    I could have just rattled out the years of my corporate experience or about my entrepreneurial journey. That wouldn’t be fair to you, my dear reader. You have come here to read a new story, or to get a new outlook.

    Stories are so intrinsically linked with humans, that it is difficult to visualize a world without them. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have shared millions of memories as stories.

    I believe that stories are a museum of human history. A gateway - To enter a new perspective, a fresh thought, or sometimes to get out of the existing ones.

    This is where I step in. I am just someone who has been blessed with a lot of stories since childhood. More than a writer or an author, I feel more connected with the word ‘Storyteller’. More than just reading or writing about them, I have lived through some of them.

    I am here to:
    To share stories, real or fictional.
    To share moments, good or bad.
    To share experiences, exclusive or relatable.

    I invite you to take this journey together, to create a new experience and to add one more story to your collection in this beautiful museum…

  • Sharang Misri

    As a first time author, I was blessed to partner with a first-time editor!! And as partners, we dived into the layers of every story I wrote.
    I had always perceived him to be a typical ‘Good Boy’ – quiet, reserved who loved being to himself. However, when I saw him don the role of an editor (he prefers being called Scissor Hands); I was amazed by his expressive self.

    He is a prolific Content-Writer by profession and a Mass Communication graduate. Having been brought up in between books and stories; he is very clear in his thoughts, and always sure on how to present a plot. His presence and fresh ideas infused a lot of confidence in me.

    Whenever I asked him “What are you doing?” pat came the reply – “Cutting a long story short!”

  • Dolphin Girdhar

    If you want to learn how to visually present an idea in the best possible way – Ms. Girdhar is your ‘go to girl’.
    I am not a very active Social Media enthusiast; so I had my own doubts about surviving in this domain. That’s why Dolphin is here - My flicker of hope! As a professional - she is a Business analyst for IT projects, a well versed Japanese teacher and a talented social media champion.

    When you couple-up, her creative skills with project management, you get a person who is always asking for dates and commitments. Sometimes, I am more concerned about not missing the timelines committed to her than the timelines of my writings!

    I thank her for ideas and for creating possibilities to get connected with my readers.

  • Tushar Gupta

    Every good team has a person who is quiet, most observant and is focused on the work; Tushar is that guy for us.
    A hugely skilled developer, he has a great knack of finding amazing technical solutions. He has good experience in handling IT development projects as a professional.

    He may look very docile and calm but let me tell you, he is the sharpest of all. I had shared this idea of having a website just once and he came up with the options and solutions in the second meeting itself. He has a keen eye and is always very sure of how every aspect of the website should be arranged to create a good feel.

    If you like the subtle and very smooth experience while going through this website – well, the credit goes to him!!

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